Setting Up NoEntry

Protect your home in under 5 minutes. We recommend that you place the unit centrally in your home, e.g. the hall

Included with NoEntry is the following:

  • Unit
  • Key fob
  • Battery
  • Magnetic Stand
  • Mains adaptor and cable

Simply remove the cover from the back of the unit, insert the battery (with the NoEntry logo facing upwards), and replace the cover.

The LEDs will cycle with blue remaining on.

Plug the unit into the mains. The blue LED will go off, with it settling to an orange flashing. This means it’s charging.

Connect the key fob by pressing Button 1. The LED will turn green, meaning the unit is ready for use.

To add extra key fobs, press Button 1 on each key fob at separate times within 30 seconds during setup.


It is recommended that you test doors and windows in your home.

1. Press Button 2 on the key fob to arm the unit. The LEDs will turn red to signal armed status.

2. Open the door/ window fully. The alarm will sound.

3. The alarm will sound.

4. To disarm, press Button 1.

Setting Up Learning Mode

Activate Learning Mode if your property has a door or window that does not register with your alarm during initial set-up and testing.

1. Make sure your unit it in a ready-to-arm state.

2. Press Button 1 on the key fob. You should hear two tones and the LEDs will rapidly flash green.

3. Open the door or window. NoEntry will capture the sound and the alarm will not alert.

4. Press Button 1, you will hear a low tone.

5. Shut the door/ window. Learning mode is now activated.

6. Arm the unit by pressing Button 2

7. Test by opening the door/window. The alarm will sound.