Small Alarm,
Big Security

The world’s first palm-sized burglar alarm incorporating our brand-new, patented sound signature technology.

Activates Before Entry

In the event of an attempted burglary, NoEntry alerts you in less than a second.

Self-installed in under 5 minutes

With no need for fixtures, you can easily set up your intruder alarm.

Whole-home protection from one unit

A single, intelligent, unit that protects all doors, windows, conservatories and integral garages.

No Sensors

Our patented technology eliminates the need for motion, door or window sensors, giving you whole-home security from one unit.

Learning Mode

Badly fitted door or window? No problem! Use NoEntry’s unique learning mode.


Conventional alarms rely on motion sensors which can be set off by pets, NoEntry has eliminated the need, making us a truly pet-friendly solution.


With no need for installation, take your NoEntry alarm with you wherever you go.

Easy Operation

Working your intruder alarm has never been easier - with no keypads, operate your NoEntry unit using either a key fob or via the app.


When home with NoEntry disarmed, press panic if in danger to alarm and alert.

Camera Integration (coming soon)

Benefit from whole-home security by monitoring up to 4 cameras via our smart app.

  • Activates before entry

    NoEntry will alert you via the app before the intruder has entered your house.

  • Self-installed in under 5 minutes

    No wires or sensors to install, no screwing, fixing or drilling. Simply unbox, plug in and activate.

  • Covers all doors, windows, conservatories and integral garages from a single unit

    No need for sensors for your integral garage or conservatory, NoEntry covers them all!

  • No motion, door or window sensors

    NoEntry does not rely on any external sensors.

  • Palm-sized

    If you move home, simply unplug it and take it with you!

Set up in under 5 minutes


Plug In


NoEntry is also perfect for…

We offer you versatility in the protection provided. Covering homes, caravans and motorhomes, NoEntry by Sonis will activate before an intruder can gain access to your property. 

Holiday homes

Rental properties

Caravans & motorhomes

(coming soon)