The Smart Alarm

Just Got Smarter

Setup and protect your property in minutes

Most alarms are triggered when a burglar sets off a motion detector or window sensor.

The trouble is, by then they’re already in your property.

NoEntry is different

Our intelligent sound signature detection system identifies when any window or door
is forced or opened.

Save £40!

Pre-Order Today and pay only £356

instead of the retail price of £396!

Here’s how NoEntry works

Intruder opens door or window

NoEntry instantly detects sound signatures

Alarm sounds and sends alert before intruder can gain access

Installs in minutes

NoEntry requires no special fittings or fixtures, you just plug it in and it’s ready

Activates before entry

You’re alerted before the intruder can enter

No PIRs, no door or window sensors

No wires to hide, no difficult accessories to fit


Moving home? Unplug it and take it with you!

Setup in five minutes

Your new alarm can be installed and protecting your property within five minutes of opening the box.

Open the box

Your alarm will be supplied with everything necessary to get going in minutes.

Plug it in

Select the ideal place for your alarm. It doesn’t need any specialist fittings, you just plug it in.

Connect the app

Download the IOS/Android app, connect to your alarm, and that’s it, you’re protected!

NoEntry also works in…

Rented Property
Holiday Homes

Alarm your rented home without intrusive wires or sensors

Protect your holiday home with the exact same technology

and be alerted from anywhere via the app