Sonis Reinvents the Home Alarm with NoEntry by Sonis

What happens when a burglary occurs? A door or window has to be opened. The sound signatures were studied and the concept of NoEntry by Sonis was born.

Over the years the sound signature research results were documented and a database was created incorporating all measured parameters to create a unique, sophisticated algorithm and acoustic technology for intruder capture – eliminating the need for all passive infrared, door and window sensors. This groundbreaking innovation represents the first major technological breakthrough in home security since the invention of PIRs over 50 years ago.

The technology has been tested and approved by one of the world’s leading manufacturers. During discussions, it was agreed that a learning mode which captures badly fitted doors and windows should be developed. Comprehensive work was carried out to facilitate this feature achieving the ability to protect a whole house from single and attractive unit.

After a decade of innovation and technical excellence patents were granted for the UK, EU and USA.

Small Alarm, Big Security

NoEntry by Sonis is the world’s first house alarm that activates before an intruder can gain access to your property.

With its simple plug and play design, NoEntry can be set up in under 5 minutes.

Our founder, Bill Marr has 25 years of experience in the electronics industry with Marconi Systems, GEC Group.

His innovation involvement includes field artillery computers, missile guidance & radar equipment, and battle tank fire controls.

After changing direction, 20 years spent in the security industry cultivating extensive security product experience (for example, CCTV, void property protection using radio communications), Bill, together with his son – who himself has 15 years of experience in the security industry – designed and installed systems combining alarms, CCTV and monitoring which enabled companies to reduce large numbers of expensive man-guarding.

With their vast expertise in the domestic security market, they began to think about reinventing the home alarm system.