Your alarm will continue to operate as normal for 15 hours on battery backup.
Yes! If you realise you’ve forgotten to arm your alarm but have already left your home – just open up the app and arm it quickly and easily.

A cat flap or letterbox will not trigger the alarm.

Yes, you can connect up to four to the same alarm unit.

Very soon, you’ll be able to attach cameras, smoke detectors, bell boxes and other security products.

Yes, place the alarm centrally (for example, in the hall) for coverage of your integral garage and conservatory.
Yes, the app is completely free to sign-up for and use.
There are no service maintenance contracts required when you purchase the NoEntry house alarm.
We recommend placing the intruder alarm system centrally in the home. Typically this means in the hall.

Powered via a USB (5v) connection. Mains to USB adaptor supplied.

The alarm is approximately 80/90 db.