About Us

Small alarm big security.

Executive Directors

Bill Marr
CEO, Founder

Bill has 25 years in electronic design and management with Marconi Systems. During his time there, he managed their production, engineering, testing and fronted circuit manufacturing prior to moving into business development.

Bill has led the development of Sonis’ ground-breaking patented sound signature technology, dedicating the past ten years to developing the ‘NoEntry’ intruder alarm.

Anne Marr
Executive Director, Co-Founder

Anne has considerable administrative experience within the electronics and security industries including working for the Works Manager of Marconi and Sonis since its inception.

She was a key participant in helping fund Sonis through Phase 1, in its early stage development.

Anne has independently started and sold two unrelated businesses.

Non-Executive Directors

John Flavell Smith
Non-Executive Chairman

John is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of building successful businesses from the start-up stage to successful exit using his expansive skills in strategy, sales & marketing and business management.

Having primarily worked in the energy sector, his experience includes sensing and radio communication systems.

Chris Fletcher
Non-Executive Director

Chris is a former corporate finance partner of KPMG. He was for over a decade responsible for the development and administration of pooled fund business at Baillie Gifford & Co, investment managers.

He has been a director of several companies including Spark Energy, which he supported from its launch until its successful sale in 2016.

Hugh Jackson
Non-Executive Director

Hugh is a digital marketing specialist and management accountant. At present, Hugh is currently the Group Marketing Director of Randolph Group.

He was responsible for the building and selling of a digital marketing agency after 16 years. He has experience in digital marketing, financial management and business development.