Where in the UK has the Lowest Rates of Break-Ins?

Safety is a top priority for anyone looking to move […]

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October 20, 2023

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Safety is a top priority for anyone looking to move to a new place, and one of the most significant concerns is the rate of break-ins and property crime. In the United Kingdom, various factors contribute to the safety of an area, including community engagement, policing, and economic stability. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the safest places to live in the UK with the lowest rates of break-ins, helping you make an informed decision when choosing your next home.

The UK Areas with the Lowest Rate of Break-Ins

St Albans, Hertfordshire

St Albans consistently ranks as one of the safest places to live in the UK. It boasts a strong community spirit, excellent schools, and low crime rates. This historic city has a relatively low incidence of break-ins and provides a safe environment for families and individuals.

Shetland Islands, Scotland

The remote and picturesque Shetland Islands in Scotland offer a unique sense of security. With its isolated location and tight-knit community, Shetland has one of the lowest crime rates in the UK. While the islands may not be for everyone due to their remote setting, they provide a peaceful and secure environment for those who call them home.

South Cambridgeshire, Cambridgeshire

The region combines the charm of rural living with easy access to Cambridge, making it an attractive option for many. Its low crime rate, paired with excellent schools and local amenities, make it an ideal choice for families.

Orkney Islands, Scotland

Similar to the Shetland Islands, the Orkney Islands in Scotland offer a tranquil and secure living environment. These islands have been recognised as some of the safest places in the UK, with minimal crime, a strong sense of community, and beautiful natural surroundings.

North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire is a predominantly rural county that offers a high quality of life and low crime rates. Towns like Harrogate and York are particularly popular for their safety and the pleasant lifestyle they provide. Residents can enjoy the best of both worlds, with the benefits of city living and the peace of the countryside.

Rutland, East Midlands

Rutland is known as the UK’s smallest county and is often celebrated for its low crime rates. The charming towns and villages in this region are perfect for those seeking a secure and picturesque setting. Rutland Water, the largest man-made lake in Europe, is a prominent feature, offering beautiful surroundings for outdoor activities.

Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire

Situated in the heart of England, Tewkesbury is a historic market town known for its safety and character. The town’s low crime rate, thriving community, and picturesque streets make it a desirable place to call home.

Basingstoke, Hampshire

Basingstoke in Hampshire offers an attractive mix of safety and economic stability. It has a well-developed economy and a thriving job market, making it a great choice for those seeking a secure living environment with career opportunities.

Woking, Surrey

Woking is a thriving town in Surrey, just outside London. It’s recognised for its safety, excellent transport links, and vibrant community. Many people choose to live in Woking to benefit from the city’s amenities while enjoying a low crime rate.

Additional Home Security Measures for Your Home

Even with living in areas that are statistically the lowest for break-ins, this doesn’t mean it will never happen and that you should take precautions to safeguard your home.

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When choosing a place to live in the UK, safety should be a top consideration. The locations mentioned in this blog offer some of the lowest rates of break-ins and property crime in the country. Keep in mind that safety is just one factor to consider when deciding where to live; factors such as employment opportunities, cost of living, and personal preferences also play a crucial role in making the right choice. Research thoroughly and consider your individual needs and priorities to find the perfect place to call home in the UK.

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