The Drawbacks of Relying on Guard Dogs for Home Security

The idea of having a guard dog as a furry […]

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January 3, 2024

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The idea of having a guard dog as a furry protector is enticing. However, it’s essential to delve into the potential disadvantages that come with this form of home security. In this blog post, we’ll explore the downsides of relying solely on guard dogs and why a more nuanced approach might be necessary for a comprehensive home security strategy.

Legal Liabilities

Guard dogs, especially those trained for protection, can pose legal challenges for homeowners. If not properly managed or if an incident occurs, the owner may face legal consequences. Issues like bites or aggressive behaviour towards visitors can lead to lawsuits. This, therefore, adds an unexpected layer of complexity to what was intended as a security solution.

Training and Maintenance Costs

Owning a guard dog isn’t just a matter of providing food, water, and shelter. Proper training is essential to ensure the dog behaves appropriately in various situations. Therefore, costs associated with professional training and ongoing maintenance can be significant. For many homeowners, the financial burden may outweigh the perceived security benefits.

Limited Effectiveness in Certain Situations

Guard dogs may excel in deterring certain types of threats, but they are not infallible. Their effectiveness can be compromised in adverse weather conditions, and they may be less reliable in situations involving multiple intruders or those with experience in dealing with dogs. Relying solely on a guard dog may create a false sense of security.

Allergies and Family Dynamics

Guard dogs, particularly large breeds, can trigger allergies in family members or visitors. Additionally, some individuals may be uncomfortable or fearful around dogs. This can create tensions in family dynamics or when entertaining guests. Striking a balance between security and a welcoming home environment becomes crucial.

Inconsistency in Training

The effectiveness of a guard dog is directly tied to the quality and consistency of its training. If training is not maintained or if there are gaps in reinforcement, the dog’s ability to respond appropriately to threats may diminish. This inconsistency in training could potentially render the guard dog less reliable over time.

False Alarms and Nuisance Barking

Guard dogs, while trained to be vigilant, may sometimes interpret normal activities as threats, leading to false alarms. Excessive barking can become a nuisance, causing disturbances for neighbours and potentially desensitising them to the dog’s warnings. Striking a balance between alertness and unnecessary noise can be challenging.

The Alternative to Guard Dogs

The best alternative to a guard dog would be purchasing a home alarm.

Which one should you get?

Traditional burglar alarms can be costly and need qualified engineers to install, which can be a reason against choosing them. This is especially the case if you are, for example, renting and not allowed to fit motion, door, and window sensors across your house.

An alarm that is easy to install, doesn’t require cables and disruption, and will alert you instantly when someone tries to enter the house would be perfect. Therefore, we recommend protecting your property and family with NoEntry by Sonis.

Simply unpack, plug in, and arm. With no need for additional sensors and a simple plug-and-play set-up, it protects your home in under five minutes. Furthermore. it’s pet-friendly and will alert you to a break-in before an intruder can gain entry to your home.


While guard dogs offer a unique form of security, it’s crucial for homeowners to weigh the potential disadvantages before relying solely on these loyal companions. Legal liabilities, training and maintenance costs, limitations in effectiveness, impacts on family dynamics, inconsistency in training, and the potential for false alarms are factors that must be carefully considered. A more comprehensive home security strategy that integrates various measures may be necessary to address the drawbacks and ensure a well-rounded approach to keeping your home safe.

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