Statistics show break-ins and burglaries are still a big problem for homeowners

In the UK, a home is burgled every 164 seconds.  […]

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March 20, 2023

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In the UK, a home is burgled every 164 seconds. 

  1. Around 40% of break-ins occur during the day. The other 60% occur in the evening. 
  2. 29% of victims were at home when the burglary took place, with 22% being asleep at the time.
  3. 76% of burglars enter your property through the front door, with 23% entering through the window. 
  4. In 7% of cases, burglars come to the front door and pushed the occupant aside to enter the property. 

According to data from the 2020 ONS Crime Survey, 1 in 100 homes in the UK are burgled each year. This includes all burglar incidents including attempted burglaries. However, the rate varies depending on where you live.


House Alarms Reduce the Likelihood of Crime


Houses that do not have an intruder alarm are 300% more likely to be burgled. It makes sense to get a house alarm fitted. So why don’t people bother, and even when fitted, why do so many people leave them disarmed?

The main issue when it comes to purchasing a house alarm is the complexity of systems these days. In many cases, it takes a qualified engineer to properly fit an alarm system causing disruption while cables are run and sensors are installed. Even the latest generation of wireless alarm systems are difficult to configure to the point where, even when eventually installed, they are often left unarmed.

Let’s take the scenario where a burglar enters the house; how do modern alarms deal with that? A burglar can often break in within 60 seconds, which means they have sufficient time to get away with your valuables before the alarm is triggered.

Nearly 30% of homeowners admit they don’t have any type of security system. Taking this further security experts surveyed 2000 homeowners and only 23-26% said they have a burglar alarm. Protecting your home should be easy, and we believe it is with the NoEntry house alarm system. Requiring no motion, door or window sensors, and an easy 5-minute set-up, it’s the simplest way to protect your home. 


The Solution can be found in the NoEntry House Alarm

Sonis Smart Security aims to bring crime rates down by making homes safe and home security affordable. With that in mind, we’re introducing NoEntry, an all-in-one smart home security system. It detects the opening of doors and windows in the property, including conservatories and integral garages.

The best strategy is to keep intruders out of the home in the first place. Once inside, the task is easy. The NoEntry house alarm eliminates the need for motion, door and window sensors and activates before the burglar gains entry. 


The UIA Insurance Case Study

During a survey commissioned by UIA Insurance, in which 1,000 UK adults participated, it was found that there is a significant rise in emotional distress depending on what has been stolen. Of these 1000, 40% of the victim lost items of sentimental value that were considered to have little value but were deemed irreplaceable to them. 

The Emotional Impact

On average, recovery time for burglary victims is seven months before their home gains a sense of normality again. However, it is also noted that a massive 60% of victims will never feel safe and secure in their homes again. 

With this many people not feeling secure in their homes after a break-in, it comes as no surprise that a quarter of people will then feel the need to move homes after becoming a victim of burglary, just to gain feelings of safety once again. 

On the topic, Ian Cracknell (Chief Executive of UIA Insurance) remarked that 

“The emotional impact of a stranger entering your home uninvited can outweigh the physical losses that take place and, as the results show, getting that feeling of security back again can be challenging. The feeling that your home space has been violated or in some way tainted can make it hard for homeowners to ever feel safe again. Having the proper measures in place to ensure you’re as protected as possible can make the difference in gaining peace of mind around your home.”

The study also concluded that 60% of those interviewed felt that since the burglary, their homes now felt ‘tainted’ and ‘spoiled’ following events.

UIA Insurance also found the mental detriment caused to the victims of home burglary, discovering that these events had left the majority feeling ‘angry for months’. Half of the participants were left feeling too scared to be alone and another third had their confidence shaken. 

Justice for Burglary Victims

Unfortunately, in cases of burglary, justice and closure is often difficult to find. A whopping two-thirds of cases are left unsolved or without prosecution, further adding to the suffering of victims. In the discussion, it was also seen that the biggest cause of upset amongst those interviewed was the knowledge that they had been the victim of a crime. This feeling was increased by the fact that they had lost items of sentimental value like photos and family heirlooms as opposed to those that were more practical.

Unsurprisingly, the items most commonly taken were jewellery, followed by electronics such as gaming consoles and cameras. Almost 70% of the items stolen were deemed as having high monetary value, such as TVs, computers and artwork. One-fourth of the victims reported that their homes had been vandalised during their burglary, with furniture and the windows facing the brunt of the damage. This will come as no surprise, considering the main point of entry for the burglars was via a window. 


A Burglar’s Top 5


During the UIA survey, they compiled a list of the items most commonly taken during the burglar’s break-in:

Most Commonly Stolen Items

1. Jewellery

2. Electricals

3. Laptop/computer

4. Television

5. Clothes

Top Valued Stolen Items

1. Familial heirlooms

2. Photographs

3. Jewellery

4. Cash

5. Laptop/computer


Home Security is a Necessity, Not a Luxury


It is clear that having a home security system will help reduce the likelihood of homeowners in the UK falling victim to burglaries. Therefore, we advocate that we begin to look at the purchasing of home alarms as a necessity and not a luxury. 

For more information on a burglar alarm that activates before an intruder gains entry to your property, look no further than NoEntry by Sonis!

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