Smart Alarms: Why You Should Get One

Over the past few years, smart alarms have emerged on […]

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January 25, 2024

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Over the past few years, smart alarms have emerged on the market as popular choices, revolutionising the home security industry. Offering homeowners and renters a convenient and cost-effective solution, it’s easy to see why shoppers are gravitating towards it as an alternative to traditional alarms. 

Ease of Installation and Setup:

One of the most significant advantages of a NoEntry smart alarm system is the ease of installation and setup. Unlike traditional alarm systems that often require professional installation, smart alarm systems can be easily installed by homeowners themselves. The smart approach eliminates the need for scheduling appointments and waiting for technicians, saving both time and money. 

The NoEntry house alarm, for example, features a simple plug-and-play approach to set up. This means you’ll have a protected home in as little as 5 minutes.


Smart alarm systems are typically more cost-effective than traditional alarm systems. With a traditional alarm system, you not only have to pay for the equipment but also for professional installation and ongoing monitoring services. Furthermore, if you want whole-home security, you would need additional sensors on each window and door. This can amount to a cost that is upwards of £900. 

In contrast, the NoEntry alarm will cover all doors and windows in your home from one unit, which costs £396. In addition, the same unit will also cover your integral garage and conservatory, replacing all need for additional equipment.

Flexibility and Customisation:

Smart alarms offer greater flexibility and customisation options compared to traditional alarm systems. With a smart system, you can easily expand or modify your setup as your security needs change over time. You can add additional sensors, cameras, or smart home integrations without the need for professional assistance. This adaptability ensures that your alarm system remains up-to-date and tailored to your specific requirements.

However, wouldn’t it be easier if your smart alarm did not need additional sensors? The NoEntry alarm covers all doors, windows, integral garages, and conservatories. Meaning,  you don’t have to worry about installing multiple devices throughout your home. 

Additionally, to continuously improve your home’s security, NoEntry will soon be releasing camera integration (allowing you to connect up to 4 to your unit and app), and smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detection. 

Remote Access to Your Home Security:

Modern smart alarm systems provide remote access capabilities through smartphone apps or web portals. This allows homeowners to control and monitor their alarm systems from anywhere, providing a sense of security and peace of mind. You can receive real-time notifications of any security breaches, and arm or disarm your alarm system remotely, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

We offer a free smartphone app that is suitable for both Apple and Android users. 

Integration with Smart Home Devices:

Another advantage of smart alarm systems is their seamless integration with other smart home devices. Many DIY alarm systems are compatible with popular home automation platforms, enabling you to create a comprehensive smart home security ecosystem. You can integrate your alarm system with heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors, enhancing your home security and creating an interconnected, convenient living environment.

As mentioned above, Sonis is always working towards the improvement of home security. As such, we will soon be releasing smart home integrations. If you’d like to be kept up to date, sign up for our newsletter!

Why it is worth investing in smart alarms

The team at Sonis believes that home security is a necessity, not a luxury. 

The problem is that traditional burglar alarms can be expensive and require engineers to install. This can be off-putting for many, especially if you’ve already decorated and don’t relish the thought of having to fit motion, door, and window sensors with all the cables that accompany them.

NoEntry is an intruder alarm that is easy to install, doesn’t require cables and disruption, and will alert you instantly when someone tries to enter your house.

Fitting an alarm doesn’t have to be a chore, and it doesn’t need to be expensive.

Protecting your property and family can be easy, and we believe that NoEntry by Sonis is the easiest alarm to set up. Simply unpack, plug in and arm. With no motion, door or window sensors, no complex setup, and pet-friendly intelligence, it protects your home quickly and will alert you to a break-in before an intruder can gain access to your property.


In summary, opting for a smart alarm offers numerous advantages over a traditional house alarm. The ease of installation, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, remote access, and integration with smart home devices make smart systems a compelling choice for homeowners seeking enhanced home security. By leveraging the power of technology, these modern alarm systems empower homeowners to take control of their home security. 

So, why stick with a traditional alarm system when you can embrace the benefits of a smart alarm system? 

Upgrade your home security today with NoEntry by Sonis and experience the difference for yourself.

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