Union Jack Flag. NoEntry by Sonis is designed and manufactured in Dunfermline, UK.

Designed and manufactured in Dunfermline, UK

Setting Up Your Alarm

Programming your NoEntry burglar alarm system is simple. With no fixtures or motion, door and window sensors, your home will be protected in under 5 minutes

Initial Set Up
Activating Learning Mode

Step One

Unpack your alarm, contents include:


  • The NoEntry Unit
  • Key Fob
  • Battery
  • Stand
  • Mains Adaptor
  • Cable

Step two

Fit the battery

Remove the magnetic battery cover from the back of the unit, insert the battery with the label facing upwards then replace the magnetic battery cover.

The unit LEDs will cycle, with the blue remaining on.

Step Three

Plug into mains

Plug the power cable into the side of the unit and the other end into the mains adapter. Plug the mains adaptor into a socket.

Step Four

Connecting the Keyfobs

To program the key fobs, simply press button one and it will pair with the unit. The LED will turn green and the unit is now ready to use. To add extra key fobs, simply press the number “1” on each fob separately within 30 seconds during the initial setup. The LED will go green when the setup is complete.

Step Five


To test your unit, press button “2” on the key fob. The unit’s LEDs will turn red and NoEntry will arm.

Test doors from the outside with the handle in its locked position and test windows by opening them as normal.

Press button “1” on the fob to disarm.

To test the panic feature, press button “3”. Disarm with button “1”.

Your home is now protected by NoEntry!

Activate Learning Mode if your property has a unique door or window.

Before beginning, ensure that the alarm is in a ready-to-arm state (LED light will remain a steady green).

Step One

Press button “1” on the key fob.

You should hear two tones, and the LED lights will rapidly flash green.

Step two


NoEntry will capture the sound. The alarm will not alert.

Step Three

Press button “1”

You will hear a low tone.

Step Four

Shut the door/window.

Step Five

Arm the unit by pressing button “2”.

Step Six

Open the door to test - the alarm will sound.