Union Jack Flag. NoEntry by Sonis is designed and manufactured in Dunfermline, UK.

Designed and manufactured in Dunfermline, UK

The World’s First Single-Sensor Alarm is Now Available for Order

Dunfermline-based company, Sonis Smart  Security Ltd, a leader in innovative wireless security systems has announced the launch of its “NoEntry” security alarm.

The unique plug and play, single-sensor alarm activates before an intruder enters your property. It is self-installed in under five minutes using a simple keyfob or smartphone app.

Using advanced sound signature algorithms, the home alarm detects intruders and alerts owners within 300 milliseconds of an attempted break-in. The unique design does not require motion, door or window sensors. Houses, holiday homes or rented accommodation can be protected in minutes by plugging the device into the mains and using the keyfob or smartphone application to arm or disarm it.

About Sonis

With over 60 years of combined experience in the alarm and security industry, NoEntry by Sonis leads the way in protecting people’s homes with excellent customer support. After a decade of innovation and technical excellence, Sonis are ready to enter the marketplace with the NoEntry system, a product that is unique in the world of security alarm systems. Sonis is passionate about safety, and its new patented technology replaces all motion, door and window sensors and activates before the intruder gains entry to your property.