How to secure your home when going on holiday

Many of us look ahead to our yearly holiday, especially after a difficult winter. However, having the peace and tranquillity disrupted by news that one’s house has been broken into is a scenario we all want to avoid.

Even so, it happens every year to thousands of people, but there are some simple ways to reduce the chances of it happening to you.

Here we look at a number of methods, some of which might seem obvious, that can keep intruders at bay, and maybe even stop your holiday from being ruined.

Make it appear as if someone is home

Have you ever driven around your neighbourhood at night and noticed all the houses with no lights on and no cars on the drive and thought, “that house is empty”?

It’s amazing how many people leave all the lights off when they’re out, and when they go away. Indeed, in today’s time of expensive energy bills, you can be forgiven for thinking that you should turn everything off when not being used.

However, this is a clear signal to the opportunistic thief that there’s nobody home and the house is unprotected.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Timers for lights are inexpensive. Once reserved for high-end smart homes and people with technical savvy, you can now buy switches that can easily be programmed to come on at set intervals, or even follow the “dusk ’till dawn” process automatically.

Connected to an Alexa device, they can make it look like someone’s at home, and switches for other devices such as radios and TVs mean they can even make the property sound occupied.

You could even take it further and include motors for your curtains and blinds, having them open and close at various times during the day. 

Lock everything up

Every lock can be picked, and an accomplished thief with the right tools will find their way into some sophisticated safes. But it is often about time.

Burglaries in the UK often occur quickly, with the intruder being in and out of the house within minutes, so anything you can do to slow them down will increase the chances of them leaving empty-handed.

Laptops are a typical and easy target. They’re often left on desks, under windows or on dining room tables so they can be taken easily. That’s a quick sale down the local, and cash in the hand for a burglar.

There are safes available that are shaped and sized perfectly for laptops. You can also store other valuables there, too.

Thieves often target jewellery due to its convenience and usually being left in areas such as a dressing table, making it easy to grab and go. Before leaving, make sure you secure all your valuables in a safe.

Do not tell everyone you’re on holiday

It can be tempting to use social media to showcase your incredible five-star apartment or the Michelin-starred restaurant you’re eating in. But this also advertises that you’re not at home, and as tempting as it may be, the sensible thing to do is to save the holiday photos until you get back.

Even if you have your Facebook feed locked down to just friends and family, a careless comment in the pub or a conversation at work can easily get out to someone who you don’t want snooping around your home.

Also, although we don’t want to scare people into a state of paranoia here, if you happen to be discussing your planned trip in a public place, be aware of who’s around you.

If you’ve had to pop into a local Post Office to grab your Euros for your trip, it’s very easy for someone to listen in, follow you home then simply wait for you to leave before taking advantage of your empty home.

Get an alarm!

Although readily available and inexpensive, only 32% of British households have a burglar alarm.

Many people cite the difficulty in fitting them as the main reason they don’t bother, but that’s no excuse these days with wireless alarm systems like NoEntry which makes it even easier with its super-simple setup.

Within five minutes your home can be protected, so check out the store today and see how NoEntry can give you peace of mind while you’re topping up your tan in the sun!