Union Jack Flag. NoEntry by Sonis is designed and manufactured in Dunfermline, UK.

Designed and manufactured in Dunfermline, UK

Sonis Announces Technology that Eliminates the Need for Motion, Door and Window Sensors

Dunfermline-based company, Sonis Smart Security Ltd, a pioneer in wireless security systems, has announced they will use their patented, innovative sound signature technology in the soon-to-be-released NoEntry house alarm. The new system is the first significant breakthrough in sensor technology since PIR, door and window sensors were introduced over 50 years ago – and eliminating the need for both.

The NoEntry alarm monitors all doors and windows and using its unique technology, will activate when an intruder attempts entry through a door or window, alerting the owner within 300 milliseconds. In the event of a unique door or window,  Sonis has developed Learning Mode which is effectively a simple training mode that the user engages in once to capture the unique signature of a badly fitted door or window and stores it in its memory.

The NoEntry alarm can be set up to protect homes, conservatories and integral garages within five minutes.

CEO and founder Bill Marr said, “We aim to revolutionise the home security market with our new technology that replaces all motion, door and window sensors, and requires no specialist set-up. You simply plug in and it’s ready.”

About Sonis

With over 60 years of combined experience in the alarm and security industry, NoEntry by Sonis leads the way in protecting people’s homes backed up with excellent customer support. After a decade of innovation and technical excellence, Sonis are ready to enter the marketplace with the NoEntry system, a product that is unique in the world of alarm systems. Sonis is passionate about safety, and its new patented technology which replaces all motion, door and window sensors and activates before the intruder gains entry.