Are Home Security Systems Worth It?

The Value of Home Security Systems

Did you know that setting up a home security system can be as easy as switching it on at the plug?  Furthermore, arming and disarming can be taken care of through an easy-to-use app, and there are home security systems without dreaded monthly fees.

When it comes to choosing whether or not you should purchase a home security system, let us make it easier for you by highlighting all the ways it can help secure your home and keep your precious belongings protected.

1. Protects Your Valuable Possessions

As mentioned above, a home security system will help protect your belongings from theft. Of course, this is one of the main reasons why people consider installing a security system in your home. Don’t we all know someone who has regrettably had their home burgled? Situations like this are only made worse when items of sentimental value are lost forever. After all, while possessions such as a laptop or TV are replaceable – your favourite ring that has been passed down to the family for generations is not so easy to recover.

While buying something such as a safe may help protect some of your belongings from being stolen, installing a home security system can help provide that extra level of protection.

2. Deters Intruders from Entering Your Home

Multiple studies have been carried out to investigate the effectiveness of incorporating a home security system into your property. In particular, a study carried out by Rutgers in 2009 concluded that:

“An installed burglar alarm makes a dwelling less attractive to the would-be and active intruders and protects the home without displacing burglaries to nearby homes.’

From this study, it’s clear that buying and installing a home security system will make you less likely to become a victim of theft. When considering which home to break into, intruders will often choose the house that is the easiest to enter. So, how do they decide this? Typically, when installing a burglar alarm, you may also get a bell box that is fitted to the exterior of your home. This is a giveaway to potential intruders, meaning that if they decide to enter your home, there is a higher chance they will be caught.

3. Protect Your Home from Anywhere

The beauty of investing in the latest technology in home security is the ability to control the safety of your home from your phone. 

Subject to the unit you decide to purchase, cameras can be installed throughout your home. Not only will the outside be protected, but you can also add cameras to the inside of your home too. This means that you can rest assured that wherever you are in the world, your home is under constant surveillance by the person you trust most in the world – yourself!

Controlling home appliances from your phone doesn’t just extend to your security as well – you can also control the temperature and lighting throughout your home through smart devices. This means that not only can you protect your home from burglars, but also protect your wallet if you forget to turn off the lights or heating when leaving your home!

4. Leaves You Feeling Safe

There is a certain sense of comfort and peace that you will achieve in knowing that your home is secure. Perhaps this is the biggest reason for investing in a home security system. After all, there is nothing worse than fearing for the safety of your own home. 

By purchasing a home security system, you not only give yourself a solid foundation to deter potential intruders from entering your home – which is a daunting thought in itself, you can also rest easy knowing that when you come home, all your belongings will be exactly where you left them.

Which Home Security System is the Best?

If you’ve been convinced to buy a home security system, your next question may be, ‘which home security system is the best?’

The answer to this is simple. NoEntry by Sonis offers a unique home-security system that doesn’t rely on PIRs and sensors. Traditional alarms on the market are triggered when burglars set off motion detectors or window sensors, NoEntry by Sonis does not. Our intelligent sound signature detention system identifies when any window or door is forced or opened.

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